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We are excited to announce the release of the Beta version of our APP Keys feature.

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About APP Keys

Our new feature, APP Keys, allows the possibility to leverage our APIs, enabling you to incorporate IPXO data into your systems seamlessly. With APP Keys, you gain secure and personalized API access to your IPXO account, empowering you to access specific data while maintaining control over the actions each private app can perform. This authorization process generates a unique access token exclusively for your app, ensuring secure and tailored interactions. Empower your business with improved data management capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate APP Keys into your operations and automate processes at your end. 

App Creation

To ensure successful authorization and access to the IPXO API, you need to create an application within the IPXO Portal. Follow the guidelines below to create an application and obtain the necessary credentials for API access.

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In order to use any of the provided APIs, it is imperative to have a valid access token. IPXO employs OAuth2 as the authorization mechanism. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the authorization process and learn how to obtain and utilize an access token, please refer to the detailed documentation on the authorization.

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API usage examples

Explore our extensive collection of comprehensive guides and practical examples that demonstrate how to effectively utilize the IPXO API, empowering you to harness its full potential for your projects with confidence.

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API Documentation

Here is a list of IPXO API documentation that you can now access and utilize for seamless integration.

Explore our API usage examples to discover how to effectively utilize the IPXO API.